Morning (11 am-12 noon): Whiskey Tasting And Networking

  • Canapés
  • Chamber X Oran Colhoun
  • Selection of canapés to compliment the single malt
  • Single malt, honey, and whipped goats cheese on sourdough crisp
  • Garnished with fig jam, dehydrated pear, bronze fennel
  • Chicken liver and chamber pate, stout brown bread
  • Garnish - diced poached pear

The single malt whiskey shows fantastic diversity as it can be used to add balance and exciting flavor this featured ingredient on many Irish menus, we can add it to the recipe or enjoy a dram alongside as it refreshes the palate by cutting through the fat of the cheese and the sweetness of the fig.

Afternoon (12 noon - 1 pm ): The Main Dish, Tasters

  • Chamber-cured salmon taco smoked avocado, apple remoulade.
  • Garnished with sea purslane.
  • 24-hour Braised Beef Rib, Polenta, Parmesan Chamber Sauce.

Curing like whiskey is an old Irish tradition, curing in whiskey - a slightly newer, but brilliant concept. Curing just in salt creates a dry hard fish good for preservation but not on the palette, the addition of chamber and sugar creates a liquid brine, and the salt draws out some moisture, but through osmosis, the whiskey and sugar penetrate the flesh and helps to maintain the beautiful texture while optimizing the flavor throughout the salmon.

Afternoon ( 1 pm - 1:30 pm): Dessert Tasters

  • Christmas Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butterscotch Sauce

A destined pairing for our flagship 18/yo single malt, matching the nose, palate, and finish in all tasting notes. Notice how the flavor complements and elevate each other. A perfect finish to a winter celebration meal.